emergency picEmergency Care

IF YOU HAVE BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT OR, HAVE EXTREME SUDDEN SWELLING -Please go to the nearest emergency room.  If you cannot get to the emergency room please CALL 911

If you are in pain, but do not feel you need to go to the emergency room, please call our office at Decker Dental Phone Number 479-659-0900, or use the message box at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Most dental emergencies are not life threatening, and can be treated with relatively quick procedures, antibiotics, and/or pain medications until a time can be scheduled to address the source of the pain.  We cannot call in any medications for you unless Dr. Decker has examined you, and taken a proper health history.  We will make  every effort to see you the day you call our office. If you are not an existing patient you can go to the patient registration page, and securely fill out your personal information, insurance, health history, and consent form to facilitate your treatment when you arrive at our office.